A final salute to the class of 2021

We've always said that Indianola is a busy place and never so busy as when graduation nears. Here's a selection of end-of-year events that haven't been published before, including two seniors who were inadvertently left out of the 2021 graduation section. Congratulations graduates! Thanks for the memories!


Check out all that these local merchants have to offer this holiday season.

Thank you for your business this holiday season! It’s always great to see you and have a Merry Christmas from all of us at Treasure’s Fine Jewelry!

102 N. HOWARD ST.• 515-961-2883

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You’re sure to find something unique here with a store full of locally made home décor and gifts! View the work of more than 25 consigners.

103 W SALEM AVENUE • 515-442-3939

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We are so thankful for your support this holiday season. Make a difference in our community and #thinkindianolafirst all throughout the year!

119 W SALEM AVENUE • 515-962-5567

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Indianola bags and stadium chairs make great gifts for the sports fans on your holiday lists! 

604 N. JEFFERSON WAY • 515-962-1899

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There is one more shopping day for those last minute Christmas gifts. We are open Thursday, 10-2. Hours next week are Tuesday 11-7 and Thursday 10-2. Happy New Year!

1515 N 1ST ST. • 515-314-6572

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Great selection of gifts to choose from, stop out and let us help wrap your holiday gift list! Happy Holidays!!!

13778 SUMMERSET RD. • 515-991-4666

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Take 25% off during our holiday boot sale! Sale includes all regular priced boots in stock. We have all of the latest styles!

1001 EAST 2ND AVE. • 515-961-6060

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Thank you for your support this holiday season! Continue to #thinkindianolafirst and make an impact on our community all year long.

103 N BUXTON ST • 515-962-5450

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Special gifts the little ones!  Soft and cuddly lovies and blankets!
Facebook at Casual Rags Embroidery & Apparel


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SPORTS — Looking back at 2020

It's hard to believe that it was less than a year ago that Indianola sent a record number of swimmers to State. That spring sports were cancelled, that the boys and girls of summer managed to score a season, although delayed. Take a look back at some of the best moments of 2020 in sports.

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We are a locally owned general independent bookstore carrying new and used books for children and adults. ONLINE ORDERING Our inventory of books and other merchandise is now listed on our website. Order books at 1 a.m. in your jammies. Stay home when it's 5 degrees and snowing and still shop…

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Indianola merchants say Happy Holidays

Go Local for Food and Dining

Indianola guide to local food and dining.


The Democratic leadership wants to retain power forever. They will abolish the “racist” senate filibuster and pack the Supreme Court so unconstitutional laws can be passed and approved.   

The Democrats will legalize and give voting rights to 22 million illegal aliens. They’ll make D.C. a state to get 2 more senators.  

They will again use federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to persecute their opposition.  They’ll fabricate cases, conceal evidence, and bankrupt opponents with legal fees.   

Media and Big Tech will censor opposing views with impunity.   Theresa Greenfield's biggest contributors include Alphabet (Google), Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. 

They say the right to bear arms is "racist" and any speech or silence, other than theirs, “is violence"Nuns must pay for contraceptive medical coverage regardless of their religious beliefs!  Those rights are gone!

Biden rules required your teenage daughter to compete against and share her locker room with gender confused men. Trans-  genders have rights.  Your daughter in the shower does not!

In exchange for violating her privacy,  Kamala Harris supports a new career choice for your daughter: legalized prostitution. 

Biden will impose $4 trillion in new taxes and spend $7 trillion more than is spent now. That and renewed lockdowns will wreck our economy.  All but a privileged few will be “equal”, i.e. equally poor.  You must depend on government to survive.    

WAKE UP!  Don’t vote for the destruction of your rights and our economy!  Vote Republican and save our country!

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