Our dreams on the night before the deer season opener harken back to the childhood pillow reveries of Christmas Eve and the night before the first day of school.


A buck with plenty of points is like a Christmas dream.

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Thank you for sharing- Well done in bringing the experience to non-hunters

Steve Rose

Well done! You had me "there."


Glad you enjoyed it!


Great article. Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm wrote, “In the act of hunting, the hunter returns to their natural state, becomes one with the animal, and is freed from the burden of his existential split: to be part of nature and to transcend it by virtue of his consciousness. In stalking the animal he and the animal become equals, even though man eventually shows his superiority by use of his weapons.’ Being part of nature, obtaining one’s food from nature, camaraderie, and enjoying the outdoors have all been part of my hunting experiences.


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Michael R May

Thank you for this excellent, timely, enjoyable piece.

I am not a hunter. Instead, I "hunt" trout with a fly rod in the magnificent streams of Northeast Iowa. November "hunting" for trout in Northeast Iowa yields days of intense wading in clear cold streams bordered by trees in fall colors yielding Rainbow Trout of colorful, splashing beauty and some of the best grilling for a fresh caught trout dinner at day's end.

As the author writes, part of the joy of my "hunt" for trout is just being out there.

The "just being out there" is one vital reason to hunt because it is the connection that hunting provides that is important for all of us -- hunters and nonhunters alike.

At the core of the urgent need for creation care is an awareness that it is our disconnection from the outdoors that is wounding the outdoors. Shooting sports is one way the to inspire all types of outdoor enthusiasts to take personal responsibly for protecting the outdoors.

The connection of hunting to protecting the outdoors is of long history in America. For example, consider the words from the Journal of Henry David Thoreau on the need to awaken to the outdoors in order to truly see the outdoors: “How much more game he will see who carries a gun, i.e., who goes to see it.”

Here is my toast to "just being out there" -- an exemplary purpose that hunting so well serves for all of us.


Fin, fur or feather, it matters not. Just get out and enjoy. Points well made. Thanks!

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