I have probably started and stopped this column at least five times. At least two of those were columns fully written in my head as I rode my bike ‘round the blocks of Indianola.


Steve Richardson

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Someone who cares!

Very well thought out article. Your depiction gave me pause and made me revisit my own reactions and thoughts. Thanks.

Jay Gjerstad

Great article about race and 1974 Iowa. I like to think of Iowa as an ideal environment for all races, but that is looking through my eyes. What this

article does is it allowed me to look at Iowa through a Black person's eyes. This article does not lecture, but just gives the facts of what a Black person experienced

during the summer of 1974. Well written!


For many Americans the concept of discrimination ended when slavery was abolished, as if freedom was simply a turn key solution and not being a slave anymore meant that past wrongs were righted. There is a great number of Americans who would like to overlook the reality that freedom for African and black Americans has been an ongoing struggle. The mention of Jim Crow laws or redlining results in immediate dismissal or denial that it happened. Many would like to say that people should get over what happened 200 yrs ago, as if systematic discrimination did not and does not exist. It seems to me that if we look over the past hundred years in increments of 10 black Americans are only just beginning to gain their freedom in America, systematic discrimination has affected every living generation of black Americans directly. It is only through acknowledgement, conversation and education that change can take place. Thank you for your stories that tell the truth and bring light to the issues we are all responsible as citizens of this country to come together and address so we can ensure freedom and liberty for all.

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