I am not saying I am old, although one would get an argument from my grandkids and former students.


Steve Richardson

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Another great article, Steve! This pretty much describes the square when I arrived in 1970. Just loved shopping “downtown” where you could find everything you needed as well as fun Christmas shopping! Thanks for the memories!


Thank you all for taking the time to read the piece. It sure has sparked quite an online commentary from folks who said I forgot this or that store. In some cases I edited for brevity of the article-I think Amy would be happy with that. Honestly in others I just plain forgot who was in some of the storefronts. Thanks again all. Appreciate the comments

Chester Crouse

Steve, I enjoy your history remarks. I would like to make a couple. I spent many hours in Sam' s pool hall. I was told recently there was only one better shooter than me and that was Willie Rouse. Of course they were kidding, I think. My other remark was Dr. Yugend, how much he cared about his medical dedication. I took a few patients via Milo Rescue ambulance, to him in the midd;e of the night! Most of the patients were not his patients. He just patted my shoulder and said I have had 2 hours sleep , so I will head to Mercy Hospital for my rounds. Keep up the good work


I too remember the “mystery of the pool hall”. I’ve never understood why I “veered” away from it as a young girl in the mid 40’s as I walked around the square on a Saturday night. But in my young brain, it was a place to avoid. And my daddy went there!


Good article Steve.


We loved this trip down memory lane. We've had quite a reminiscent morning after reading your story. Thanks.


Wonder piece, as always Steve. I also seem to recall that McCoy’s was on the west side, maybe near or in the space that is now Brickhouse. Ray’s barber shop was there as well where we’d go with dad on a Saturday and sit in the old faux leather chairs looking at hunting magazines until you were called. I also remember that when Pemble’s got a new order of something in, the price might be a little higher but they put the newer stock with the higher price at the back, pulled the originals forward, and sold them at the lower price until they were gone. Great memories. Thanks Steve.

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