“Sister City” was a term used in early Indianola newspapers to compare our superiority or incompetence to our neighbors. Creston, Lucas, Knoxville, Chariton, Pleasantville and Grinnell were all mentioned, with Winterset as the most common reference.

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Elodie Opstad

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LOL - enjoyed your shared experience ...believe Mr Schooley had the same, which instigated his bovine battle. Many towns throughout Iowa reaching the same conclusion with ordinance changes. I keep myself to <500 words so there are tidbits lightly referenced but not pursued. Thank you for posting!


Fast forward ninety-four years to 1985: The day before I first moved in to my home on the south side of Indianola, there was a bovine insurrection. I did not witness the chaos, but the evidence was fresh. The fence on my south property line had been breached. Laying about my yard were numerous pies so moist that it reminds me again how wise and timeless Harry Truman's advice memorialized on the birthday card I sent my sister-in-law only a few days ago truly is: "Never kick a fresh t___ on a hot day."

Clean-up waited several days. No big deal. I grew up on a farm.

I do not know whether any of the 1985 insurrectionist cattle were direct descendants of the 1890's Indianola cows. That may be lost to history.


Entertaining article and reply! 😀

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