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We had another great Indianola Classic Balloon Parade today. As a participant with the Warren County Republican Party, I, and other Republicans, had the pleasure of handing out 400 American flags to many children along the parade route. The grateful children, sometimes with a little prodding…

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UN scientists have announced that humanity has eleven years to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and convert to renewable energy or civilization will face catastrophic consequences.

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While Scott Ourth claims he supports the right to keep and bear arms, he tried to sabotage an amendment to the Iowa Constitution guaranteeing that right because this three sentence amendment was “confusing”.

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Senator Garrett reports that, "Both the Senate and House passed resolutions starting again the process for placing your right to keep and bear arms into the Iowa constitution." Senator Garrett's reference to "your right to keep and bear arms" is not to "your right" as declared in the Second …

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