According to the Iowa State Association of County Auditors, the Auditor’s office is, among other duties and responsibilities, “Budget Central,” and the “Custodian of the Courthouse under the Direction of the Board of Supervisors.” As Custodian, the Auditor is responsible for such things as “general maintenance and repair” of the courthouse, and “disaster recovery.”

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Thanks to Steve Kirby for a rational examination of how the auditor's office is being run. It's time for a competent auditor. Mark Snell is the candidate who will provide competent service to Warren County. Snell is a former chief of staff for Secretary of State Paul Pate; has served as finance director for the Mid Iowa Council of the Boy Scouts of America and as Executive Director for the Ames and Clear Lake, Iowa Chambers and Economic Development Commissions.


Right or wrong ( right in my opinion) The old courthouse is history! Do not make it a political issue!

Oldie but goodie

Why not? It’s part of a job review.

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