Please thank President Trump for previewing his second term, i. e., attacking the “deep state”, pardoning corruption and relying on Fox News.

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Michael R May

Thank you for your imaginative comment winch includes the customary change-the=subject-when-you-have-no-facts-to-answer such as Trump's pardoning of 11 white collar criminals. Surely Trump's pardons are just a preview of the pardoning of convicted criminal and Trump buddy Roger Stone.

But this line results in an amazed "Really? You write: "Apparently Mr. May doesn't know that the "Deep State" is not a reference to the weather bureau. " My "deep state" reference is the point of the cited facts -- disagreement with Trump by even those with specialized training in tracking hurricanes is viewed as part of the disloyal "deep state" to Trump needing public correction by Trump who knows nothing about the facts. (Our weather service people got off lightly because Trump often accuses people who disagree with him as committing treason.)

Another trivializing of the facts is Trump's abrupt, uninformed interference in the Navy Seals disciplinary case. When did our American Navy Seals become NOT "Great" in Trump's mind that their procedure for maintaining battlefield discipline can be treated with such abrupt, uninformed contempt by Trump after watching "Fox and Friends"?

To close with a question about the healthy economy we enjoy, the answer to which is not words, but a number -- and a singled digit number at that: Americans are enjoying more than 10 years of a "Bull Market" -- how long has Trump been President?


There you go again. Apparently Mr. May doesn't know that the "Deep State" is not a reference to the weather bureau. It refers to certain members of our intelligence establishment, the FBI and the Department of Justice who think it is appropriate to use their power to sabotage candidates for president, or even presidents, that they don't like. These are the people who lied to the FISA court about whether Carter Page was a CIA asset and failed to inform them that the primary source for the Steele Dossier said it was a conglomeration of lies, rumors and bar room talk. They sabotaged the Trump administration by perpetuating the hoax that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians.

May falsely claims that " the . . . Navy Seals’ disciplinary case of a Seal who stabbed to death an unconscious prisoner being treated by fellow Seals was aborted by a Trump tweet right after Trump watched an episode of “Fox and Friends”. In fact the Seal was acquitted of that charge by a court martial, and was not pardoned by President Trump. President Trump did take action to reverse a demotion of Gallagher and to allow him to keep his Seal trident until his retirement. I guess Mr. May's "respect the military and veterans" position does not include veterans aided by President Trump.

Trump appropriately dismissed the director of national intelligence for briefing members of Congress on the speculation that Russia was interfering in the 2020 election in hope of re-electing President Trump. This speculation was based on no direct evidence and very weak circumstantial evidence, such as evidence that Russian intelligence was interested in Burisma, the firm where Joe Biden's son Hunter was paid huge sums for a job for which he had no qualifications.

As pointed out in David Rivkin and George Beebe's article, "Election Mirage: Why Claims of Russian Meddling Should Be Questioned", we should question:

"the plausibility of an assessment that Russia would prefer a president who has built up the U.S. military, proved willing to use force in the Middle East, greatly stiffened sanctions on Moscow, fought Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, and toughened other policies affecting Russia. Why would Russians not favor Democrats who would cut the U.S. defense budget, balk at using military force, and impose a ban on fracking that would drive up global oil and gas prices and benefit Russia’s energy export earnings? "

Rivkin and Beebe concluded:

"The Kremlin cannot fail to realize that any significant pro-Trump [election] meddling would be exposed and would hurt rather than help his electoral prospects. . . . [O]ne might plausibly argue that the real reason Moscow might unveil some footprint of a pro-Trump campaign is because it would expect this to be discovered and actually harm Trump. [S]uch a scenario illustrates perfectly how difficult it is to ascertain Putin’s intentions, even if one had perfect evidence of what Moscow was actually doing in U.S. elections. "

What is even more absurd is complaining about President Trump pardoning or commuting the sentences "of 11 people, most of them guilty of lying, fraud, corruption, tax evasion and similar crimes." Presidents Obama and Clinton pardoned dozens of people who committed such crimes.

What is the real second-term preview for President Trump?

Continued record low unemployment including for women and minorities.

Creating 7 million new jobs.

Securing our border by enforcing our immigration laws.

More fair trade deals, such as those with Canada, Mexico and China.

Saving middle class Iowans an average of $1400 due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Doubling the Child Tax Credit to save 240,000 Iowa families $1,000 per child.

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