I am writing this as a reply to the very humbling article written by Steve Richardson with reference to veterans.
As a veteran and member of Warren American Legion Post 165 (Indianola) I knew well those Legion members he listed from our Post and, in agreement with Richardson’s remarks, hold them in highest regard. They were honorable Americans who held pride for this country above all others.
Adding to Mr. Richardson’s kind words about the local Legion Post, I would like to let our community know that Post 165 is still, even in spite of the pandemic, fully vested in its mission of: Duty – Honor – Country.
Under its current leadership (Commander Sullivan, Vice Commander Hon in addition to numerous other post officers) the Post is serving its veterans and community.  As an example, in the past approximately 4-months a cadre of 25 Legion members has proudly offered Military Rites to some 24 veterans. The services were performed at our own Indianola’s IOOF Memorial Gardens as well as at numerous surrounding town, county and private cemeteries.  A substantial number have been at the Iowa Veteran’s Cemetery in Van Meter, IA.
I know I speak for all members of American Legion Post 165 when I say: “We do this out of a sense of unity and comradeship that all veterans share for each other.” If you dovetail the above comments with those of Mr. Richardson article in the Indianola Advocate, I believe you can better understand how Duty-Honor-Country has been and still is the deep-valued motto of all active duty and reserve soldiers as well as veterans.

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I want to applaud and share Joe Moody's sentiment about American Legion Post 165. While not a veteran myself, a regret I have to this day, I have watched with admiration the continued work of members of Post 165 in this community. Unsung heroes continuing to do their duty even though their technical term of service has ended. From rides to hospital visits for veterans and their families, to the honor guard at funerals, to getting out early on a Sunday morning prior to Memorial Day to help with flags at the cemetery, you name it, these men and women continue to serve.

Thanks Joe for the nice comments but to you and the members of Post 165 and to all veterans, my family, my community, my country only enjoy the freedoms we have and the lives we live because of all of you. A mere thank you just does not seem good enough. We forever are in your debt.

Steve Richardson

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