In November 2018, State Representative for House District 26 Scott Ourth said “I want our young people to hear this lesson. Honesty, respect, decency and goodness will always — without exception — will win the day.”

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Ourth's latest version of his anti-Brooke Boden TV ad now has a brand new lie. It claims "[m]ore dirty politics from political insider Brooke Boden lying about Scott Ourth's record of support for police."

Well, Brooke Boden's "lying" consisted of an accurate account of Scott Ourth voting against two appropriation bills funding police as recorded in the House Journal for June 14, 2020 at pages 711 and 715, as noted in her ad discussing Ourth's votes.

So, in Scott Ourth's strange world, it is "lying" for Brooke Boden to accurately account for his votes, but it is "truth" to make Boden responsible for votes other legislators made when Boden was not even in the legislature!

Perhaps we need a new drinking game. Watch Ourth's anti-Brooke Boden ad. Take a drink every time the ad lies. Warning! Do not drink and drive after you play this game! You will be over the limit!



I am still curious why she would not debate. You can say she has these positions but until she debates or actually says what she stands for or against no one really knows.


How odd that you did not say anything about Ourth violating the Biblical injunction against Ourth "casting stones" at Brooke Biden in the form of palpable lies. Do we have a double standard here? One for Republicans and one for Democrats?

Speaking of debates, why is it so much of the Democratic leadership opposes Joe Biden debating Donald Trump, but wants other debates? Another double standard?

It is absolutely no mystery on where Boden stands on the issues. In direct contrast to the positions and votes of Scott Ourth, Brooke Boden stands for:

1. a responsible balanced budget not votes which would have led to budget busting deficits;

2. protection of freedom of speech of all political views in Iowa's public universities and community colleges;

3. voting integrity through the voter I.D. requirement which makes it easy to vote but hard to cheat;

4. a right to keep and bear arms amendment to the Iowa Constitution;

5. protecting Iowa's gun owners from being harassed by a patchwork of local gun laws;

6. protecting us from illegal alien criminals,

7. protecting health insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions; and

8. protecting the sanctity of human life, including viable and pain conscious unborn babies.

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