More people should be wearing masks to prevent infection by the corona virus. Unfortunately our country has been subjected to ridiculous contradictory messaging on this issue.

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Michael R May

I agree completely with these of Mr. Bohlken's words:

"I am in my late 60s. I wear a mask anytime I go into a store, which is mainly to buy groceries every 2 weeks. I don't understand senior citizens or, for that matter, any adults who refuse to wear masks in stores or confined spaces. Twenty-three percent of those who died in New York were ages 45-64. There have been young people who have died from corona virus, even though their risk is less. Why would you work in a grocery store, drug store or any retail establishment and not wear a mask? Masks are an important part of reopening our economy while reducing the spread of the corona virus. We don't need a law requiring this. We need common sense. When you're in a store or confined space, wear a mask!"

I would only add my advice to runners (and possibly bicyclists) that I wear a mask while running because the safe social distancing for runners is not six (6) feet, but fifteen (15). I wear a mask more to protect others as to protect myself.

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