Theresa Greenfield and her allies are remarkably deceptive when it comes to campaign contributions. They attack Senator Joni Ernst for taking “Dark Money.” Sounds spooky doesn’t it? One can just see Dracula handing over bags of cash to Joni at midnight.

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Don't believe any of this. We need Theresa Greenfield in the 'Senate. Joni Ernst has lied time and time again. ?She sides with the republican's and her big donors against Iowans, against people with ore-existing conditions and the list goes on and on. She claims to have been raped in college but never reported it, never told anyone and never went to the hospital. If she was alleged raped why didn't she come forward during the Kavanaugh hearings instead of calling all those women liars. They had more proof than she does. She also claims to have been abused by her ex-husband which he adamantly denied. "She only brought that charge after he filed for divorce because she was having affairs. She also tried to get the homestead exemption on both of her residences and was told she can't do that to which she replied "I didn't know". Yes she did, she worked at the courthouse in /Red Oak. She is going to vote against the ACA and take away the medical coverage of millions of Americans with nothing to replace it. She also thinks healthcare workers are lying about the number of people who have died from COVID-19. Give me a break! Now she and her daddy warbucks Grassley want to steamroll someone into the seat vacated by the Notorious RBG before she has even been buried!!! Wake up Iowans.

We deserve better than Joni Ernst!!


Wow! On the one hand you say that Joni Ernst is a "liar" because she did not immediately report her rape in college or abuse by her husband to the police. On the other hand, the women who accused Judge Kavanaugh, NONE of whom immediately reported the alleged abuse to the police, must be believed. Blasey Ford could not remember where or when the supposed abuse occurred, lied about her best friend and others being at the party, lied about not being able to fly on planes due to the alleged abuse, lied about having two "front doors" installed in her home, due to the abuse, when both doors were already installed when she purchased the home and one door led to a separate in home apartment. Ford's associates attempted to blackmail Ford's college best friend into changing her story by telling her they would reveal she had “addictive tendencies” if she did not. The other "accusers" were a pack of liars organized by Richard Avenatti, now convicted of felony extortion. One Avenatti “accuser” claimed she, of her own free will, (a) repeatedly attended parties where she knew women were being drugged and raped and (b) never reported these crimes to the police, even when she was drugged and raped.

Theresa Greenfield’s support of the ACA is part of a long march to a socialist end where the private health insurance provided by your employer, which you may like, will be destroyed and replaced by a government controlled health care system. I used to do Medicaid hearings. Believe me, totally government controlled health care is something you don’t want. Obama’s ACA forced people to buy a product they didn’t want or pay a fine! Think about the doors that opens!

As far as pre-existing conditions, David Young’s amendments, to the proposed ACA replacement, demonstrate that an ACA replacement can protect coverage of those conditions.

Desiring to ensure that the number of corona virus deaths is accurately counted is not saying that “healthcare workers are lying”. A healthcare worker, Minnesota’s 2016 Family Physician of the Year, Dr. Scott Jensen, has repeatedly questioned the accuracy of corona virus death counts because of deficiencies in CDC guidance on classifying such deaths and other issues.

Theresa Greenfield has attacked Iowa’s healthcare workers by falsely claiming that Iowa’s healthcare system is an example of “systemic racism” and “discrimination” because Blacks and Black females have a mortality rate six times higher than any other community. This allegedly racist care is provided by Iowa’s healthcare workers. In fact, however, the mortality rate for Blacks is less than half the mortality rate for whites in Iowa. The mortality rate for Black females is less than half the mortality rate for white females in Iowa. Greenfield owes Iowa’s healthcare workers an apology.

As far as “Don’t believe any of [what I wrote]”, which Democrats are lying about whether Greenfield takes dark money and corporate money through leadership PAC’s, Greenfield or her primary opponents? As far as J Street, see the Zionist Organization of America’s report “J Street Sides With Israel’s Enemies & Works to Destroy Support for Israel”. As far as Emily’s list and partial birth third term abortion, see

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