We have a right to a free and fair election where legal votes are counted and illegal votes are discarded. Congress may still act to obtain an electoral vote count result based on the counting of all legal votes cast by the voters.

Under the 12th Amendment, the House of Representatives, voting by state delegation, can ultimately decide who is president if one candidate does not have a majority of electoral votes.  This can come about if electoral votes are rejected after a successful challenge by at least one senator and one representative in Congress. It is clear that such a challenge is to be presented.  The voting for President is done by state delegation in the House of Representatives.  It must be noted that, although Democrats are a majority in the House, the Republicans control a majority of the state delegations in the House.  So, a final determination that Trump was re-elected, based on all legal votes, is not out of the question. 

The real question as to whether fraud and illegality shall prevail in a presidential election is whether the senators and representatives have the courage to vote to defeat fraud.  It is up to you to contact Senators Grassley and Ernst, and Representative Axne to make your views known.   The contact for Senator Grassley is https://www.grassley.senate.gov/contact; for Senator Ernst is https://www.ernst.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact and Representative Axne is: https://axne.house.gov/contact/email-me



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