I'm writing to inform the people of Warren County that the Warren County Auditor, Traci VanderLinden has decided to combine 7 of the largest population precincts into 3 polling places on November 3rd. When I spoke with her about why she was doing this I was told it was for safety. Putting more people to vote in one place will be less safe, not more safe.

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This is puzzling. There must be a reason why she thinks it is safer to combine polling places. I hope we see that reason soon. I'm very curious.

Concerning voting early in person - I have voted in that office before. I like voting that way but I must say it got very congested at times. It makes a lot more sense to do it in the parking lot in vehicle. Very safe and easy for the voter. More time-consuming for the staff but I feel they are very accommodating. This way is much safer for the staff AND the voters. Seems like a no-brainer.

I've already voted by inserting my ballot into their window slot. For me that is the best and easiest way to vote.


Why isn't the auditor's office now open to the public? It can't be safety as the auditor has selected the least safe route of consolidating many precincts for the election.

We should choose a new competent auditor. Among his many qualifications, candidate for auditor Mark Snell is the former Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Paul Pate. He knows how to competently run an election.

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