The voters of Iowa House District 26 deserve to have answers to the following questions from State Representative Scott Ourth:

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Mr. Bohlken a simple debate was asked for by our news organizations and the college. She declined to take part. Pure and simple. You can't deflect that onto Nancy Pelosi, who was no more involved that Mitch McConnell. If she is running on being accessible, the fact she chose not to debate says volumes about the type of representative she would be. Local government requires an open forum with those we elect to be successful. As my mother always said, good government is everyone's business. I will say to your credit though, you are passionate and involved.


"Nick Susan 15" and former Democratic state representative Steve Richardson, I find it curious that you are so anxious to have a debate in this race when so many Democratic Party leaders. (including Nancy Pelosi who, we are assured, doesn't hate anybody but whose daughter says she can cut your head off before you even know are bleeding) shouted at the top their lungs that Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump. is it possible that political advantage, and not informing the public, is the reason for Ourth wanting a debate? By the way, I can assure you that Ms. Boden would have not voted in the irresponsible way that Mr. Ourth did in the votes I cited. So, there is no mystery on where she stands on a balanced budget, freedom of speech, voting integrity, the Second Amendment, protecting us from illegal alien criminals, and the sanctity of human life, including unborn human life.

I agree that no one is infallible. I used to hear OWI license revocation cases. For the vast majority of people the knowledge they placed innocent lives at risk, the shame, the criminal record, losing their driver's license and paying thousands in iegal fees is enough for them to quit. It is the rare individual who gets three convictions and one can be absolutely assured they drove drunk on the public roads many more times than the incidents when they were caught.

It is not "casting stones" to demand responsible lawful behavior from legislators. As far as Governor Reynolds, she never had an OWI conviction while in public office.

It is absurd to say that I criticize "all Democrats". It is the Democratic leadership, including legislators like Scott Ourth, who have gone off the rails. I appeal to rank and file Democrats to turn their back on the extreme left which now controls their party. Vote Republican. Do it to save your country, which you love.

By the way, if you want to see a example of "casting stones" and outright lying, look at Ourth's TV attack ad against Boden. Brooke Boden is as much a "political insider" as she is a Martian.


Scott Ourth has represented us better than anyone else in the Iowa House. Mr. Bolken, hw many drunk riving convictions do you have? Brook Boden claims her daughter got Lyme disease in 2017 and she got some law passed and her picture is with Branstad. Problem with that is, Branstad was in

China at that time!!!

We need Scott to continue as our Representative to give the majority of us a vote at the State House not just the Republican's conservative small minded citizens. A woman has the right to decide any and all medical coverage for herself with the guidance f her doctor not the government. We also need gun control!


I have zero OWI convictions. How many do you have? Were you drinking when you wrote your reply? With a tiny bit of effort you could have found out that Governor Brandstad signed the Lyme disease bill on March 24, 2017, long before he left for China.

Abortion involves the intentional killing of human beings, including 30 million baby girls since Roe v. Wade, not “medical coverage.” As far as gun control being needed, while the number of privately owned guns increased by 92 percent from 1993 to 2013, the number of gun murders decreased by 49 percent during the same period. The Justice Department’s study of the assault weapons ban, claimed by Joe Biden, found that, if re-enacted, it’s effect on gun violence would be “small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement.”


If these questions demand an answer, why won't Mr. Ourth's opponent, Brooke Boden debate Mr. Ourth? She lacks any record and her positions are untested. This writer at least knows what Mr. Ourth has voted for and against, despite his misrepresentation of the many bills full impact. Ms. Boden is trying to get a job but she is unwilling to interview.


"I don't know whether Ourth asked for a debate or not. It seems odd that Ourth would ask for a debate when Democrats are asking for continued economy crushing lockdowns where no public meetings, such as those for a debate, would be allowed. It certainly wouldn't have enough statewide interest to be televised. I do know no debate is needed to see where Ourth stands. His votes speak for themselves. They are pro big government spending. If the legislature had followed his lead, we would have needed massive 10% (or larger) across the board budget cuts, including for education, to balance the budget. This occurred in the Democratic Culver administration, which was the last time we had a budget cut in education spending in Iowa. It was also the last time the Democratic party controlled both the legislature and the governor's office.

Ourth recent votes are anti-gun rights. He has consistently been pro-abortion and anti-life for years. He voted against assuring free speech on campus. He voted against Voter ID requirements to prevent voter fraud. He voted against prohibiting sanctuary cities which aid and abet illegal alien criminals in avoiding federal law enforcement. I know that Brooke Boden's votes would have been the opposite to Ourth's radical votes which do not represent most of our community."


Your facts are wrong, your logic flawed and yet you said it best when you said his votes speak for themselves- at least we know where he stands on issues. Boden won't commit, she won't debate- which as of 2020 can be done without packing people into a room. What is she scared of?


Since you seem to put out your version of facts, it is interesting you don't know that this very online news organization along with the printed Indianola paper and Simpson College asked for a debate. Ms. Boden refused to debate. It is also interesting you haven't mentioned the very item used as the center piece of her campaign-the bill on autism-was passed unanimously, which means obviously that Mr. Ourth voted yes on that piece of legislation.

I am going to make a leap here and assume you profess to be a Christian. The Bible I read talks of Jesus as a man that spent his last years working to heal the sick, attend the poor and talking of loving fellow man. Folks and families that struggle with alcoholism should can not carry that cross alone. We are all fallible. Yes, I do admit, as do all with the disease, Mr. Ourth struggles with it on a daily basis as does our Governor. Having had an alcoholic in our family, the person struggles daily with guilt and shame.

You seem to cast a lot of stones, not only at Mr. Ourth but all Democrats. I have been a life long Democrat, voted for Republicans too. I have a hard time believing that one party has the lock on all good candidates. I would also tell you I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate. You sure don't win many voters by casting ALL Democrats into the lot you suggest. I know of now political candidate who has won with only the votes from his or her party.

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