In the interest of Americans keeping their bearings trying to follow Trump’s stream of claims, please pause to ponder this one:

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Michael R May

421 words in Mr. Bohlken's reply which fails again to answer the question :

Mr. Bohlken, what part of AG Barr’s statement do you fail to understand -- a statement Barr made not just once or twice, but three (3) times in the Barr interview with Wolf Blitzer, “I don’t know what the President is referring to.”

The paramount point for the good of all Americans is that Trump’s claim is either (1) another Trump lie or (2) a growing number of Trump’s “senior moments”.


The President's statement, taken as a whole, and Attorney General Barr's statement, taken as a whole, are 99.99% in agreement. You suggest that because there is a .01% difference in their statement the President is "lying" or having a "senior moment". Do you really think that is logical or rational? Voters do you want a government that can't reason any better than this? Vote Republican for logical, rational government.


It’s absolutely hilarious that Mr. May sees “lying” by President Trump because of the microscopic difference between Attorney General Barr not knowing of the specific incident of Antifa flying around the country to foment riots referred to by President Trump and their fundamental agreement on the dominant, basic and significant fact, made perfectly clear in the Wolf Blitzer interview, that Antifa is flying around the country and fomenting riots. As noted in the CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer:

BARR: [W]e received numerous reports of individuals coming from Portland, Washington, Seattle and several other cities to come into Washington for the specific purpose of causing awry.

BLITZER: Were they wearing black uniforms and were they loaded, if you will?

BARR: I think there were many on planes. We've received multiple reports on this topic.

BLITZER: And so what the President was talking about was information that you provided the President?

BARR: I don't know what the President was specifically referring to.

This reminds me of the time that an athletic team was served hamburgers and the President remarked that the hamburgers were “stacked a mile high”. The President’s enemies did some math and declared the hamburgers could not have been stacked a mile high and shouted that the President was “lying”.

People who live in cellophane houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Biden’s most recent major lies are set forth at

However, Joe Biden has spent his career composing a symphony of lies. In law school, he plagiarized a paper. At the 1987 Iowa State Fair, he recited a British Labor Leader’s speech, including the family history as coal miners, as if it were his. He lied about graduating with three majors from college, going to law school on a full academic scholarship and being in the top half of his law school class.

As far as senility, Joe Biden claimed he performed a miracle by negotiating the Paris Climate Accord with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping , who had been dead for 23 years.

When raucous loony anti-diary protesters ran on to the stage at a Biden rally, Biden was too confused to defend his wife, His wife and one other woman defended him. Jill Biden, his caretaker, knew to yell, as shown on the video with subtitles on Laura Ingraham’s show, “You’re OK! You’re OK!”. That is what you say to a demented person who is startled.

For an extensive discussion of how legitimate questions about Biden’s mental fitness were first raised by Democrats during their primary, see

Michael R May

Mr. Bohlken, I agree “It's really very simple.”

Just simply recall Attorney General Barr’s specific comment on the Trump claim I quote: “I don’t know what the President is referring to.” AG Barr’s statement, “I don’t know what the President is referring to” was repeated 3 times during the Wolf Blitzer interview with AG Barr.

Mr. Bohlken, what part of AG Barr’s statement, “I don’t know what the President is referring to” do you fail to understand?

The paramount point for the good of all Americans is that Trump’s claim is either (1) another Trump lie or (2) a growing number of Trump’s “senior moments”.


It's really very simple. Attorney General Barr has confirmed that there are ongoing investigations of Antifa flying across state lines to riot. President Trump undoubtedly was informed of these investigations but obviously could not release the details of an on-going criminal investigation.

"Barr described how authorities were tracking members of the left-wing Antifa movement who were crossing state lines to incite violence at demonstrations, and even purchasing weapons before riots.

“'I’ve talked to every police chief in every city where there’s been major violence and they all have identified Antifa as the ramrod for the violence,' he said.

“'They are flying around the country, we know people who are flying around the country,”'Barr said, 'we know where they’re going, we see some of the purchases they’re making before the riots of weapons to use in those riots.'”

It might be helpful to do some research before repeating the "Orange Man Bad" mantra.

For examples of real first class lying by Joe Biden see


Just adding what I’ve seen and heard- a young man I saw on video admitting to being paid to cause problems at the protests AND I also heard a young man in a DC video say “yeah, the Seattle snack truck is here for us!” (Us meaning protesters) So who’s paying them to encourage protesting, harassment, looting, burning, etc? Asking for a friend......

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