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When one sees terms such as “racist dog whistle” and false accusations such as “insinuat[ing] that Black people aren't concerned with crime” and “uphold[iing] racism” one knows that rational thought, like Elvis, “has left the building”. Stating truthfully that the Black Lives Matter organization hardly recognizes the problem of Black on Black murders, which are disproportionate to their representation in the population, is not “insinuat[ing] that Black people aren't concerned with crime”. “Defunding the police” certainly sounds like “abolish the police”. Black Lives Matter’s four year report referred to defunding the police as an “abolitionist framework”. The BLM “about” section begins by falsely claiming that Trayvon Martin was murdered, contrary to the findings of the jury and the FBI. Martin’s own family admitted race had nothing to do with the case.

It is not “racist” to hold BLM to account for their own statements. BLM founders stated they were trained Marxists. Its representative said they would burn society down if their demands were not met. BLM has falsely accused police officers of murder, wants to remove school resource officers from schools, and to "disrupt" the nuclear family, It is safe to say that many Black people would not agree with its radical positions. Like Senator Garrett, all can agree that Black Lives Matter without agreeing with the extreme positions of the BLM organization.

Tara Elcock

Nick, thank you for the rebuttal. This article by a man that is supposed to represent our communities is disheartening, ignorant and completely dismissive of what actually needs change. I will not waste my comment on the black-on-black crime deflection as I have heard this too many times and it is NOT helpful. This is not a representative of the people, he is a representative of the conservative politicians. Racial and social justice is not a political issue, it never should be. This is a human rights issue that should not be ignored by a single resident. He needs to go, resign. He is not good for our community. We are among people of color in our communities that need help, that need our support, that must fight for their children in school and against racist bullies. We have people of color who deserve more and now is the time to fight for this change.


Do not ever apologize for publishing the truth! Black on black crime is a fact, much more than “police brutality”; Julian Garrett pointed this out. Black Lives Matter should concentrate on helping people in the inner cities suffering from the gangs and crime, but that doesn’t appear to be what they care about.


Right on!

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