Turtles need help crossing the road.

Knock, knock.

Tom Charlton

Tom Charlton

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Jay Gjerstad

Great creative writing! Had my interest throughout the story and also, very informative on turtles.


Reminds me of the time I moved a BIG snapper off of Hwy R63. He might have caused an accident if a car hit it. I used an ice scraper to shove him off as his head went back pretty far!

Michael R May

Thanks for this delightful read to begin my day.

Good writing throughout such as this example:

“'Shelly,' how original. Just do your daily good deed, Mr. Boy Scout, and help me safely across the road. Oh, and please don’t lift me by the tail. It would probably crack my spine. Pick me up by the two sides of my shell but be sure to keep my head pointing away from you. My bite’s like the IRS – once I snag you, I don’t let go."

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