Over-cooking the turkey. Making sure there is enough food for each guest. In-laws overstaying their welcome. These are the typical concerns we think about during the Thanksgiving holiday. But this year, because of President Biden and Washington Democrats’ reckless policies, skyrocketing inflation, and a supply chain crisis, families across the country celebrating the holiday will be facing new hurdles and historically high prices.

Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst

Last year, COVID-19 forced many families to shift toward smaller gatherings, and Thanksgiving dinner costs dropped to a 10-year low. But now, as we come back from the pandemic and look forward to reuniting with extended family and friends for our usual holiday traditions, nearly every ingredient that goes into the Thanksgiving meal is expected to cost more.

According to the American Farm Bureau, this year’s Thanksgiving feast will cost an average of 14% more than last year. This includes key items like turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, peas, and pumpkin pie. The price of the turkey itself has risen to $23.99 for a 16-pound bird, an increase of 24% from last year. It’s not just Thanksgiving meals either — the price of nearly every good and service continues to rise, with inflation hitting its highest point in more than 30 years.

If you travel for the holiday, that won’t be cheap either. Gas prices continue to tick up and are currently at a 7-year high, and that trend is only expected to increase. And if the temperature drops and you or your host has to turn the heat on, it will cost 69% more to do so than it did last year.

While President Biden and his liberal allies spending the holiday in Nantucket may not be impacted by these outrageous prices, hardworking Iowans will be forced to gobble them up. This may end up being the most expensive Thanksgiving ever, and Democrats in Washington aren’t the least bit concerned. They are riding the gravy train full-steam ahead and working to pass their reckless tax-and-spending spree that provides tax cuts for wealthy coastal elites on the backs of middle-income Americans. Many economists believe this pork-filled bill, the most expansive in history, will only make matters worse.

It’s time for President Biden and congressional Democrats to listen to the kitchen table — or Thanksgiving table — needs of every day Americans, like the majority of adults who are concerned about inflation. Their inability to solve the supply chain crisis, stop the spending, and combat inflation is a recipe for disaster this holiday season.


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Too bad, Ernst that you weren't worried about inflation when you passed Trump's 3 trillion dollar bills and stood by while he raped the defense budget designed for the repair of family housing just so he could have money for his "wall". You are objecting to this next bill that would help the people who need it along with cutting prescription prices. You speak with forked tongue.


Inflation is up. So are some corporate profits.

The inflation narrative is largely set. The coronavirus pandemic created supply chain snarls. It put production out of whack. As demand has roared back following Covid-19 lockdowns, prices have soared.

As The Wall Street Journal reported last week, corporate America is helping fuel the inflation madness in order to make more money.

"Executives are seizing a once in a generation opportunity to raise prices to match and in some cases outpace their own higher expenses, after decades of grinding down costs and prices," write Kristin Broughton and Theo Francis.

Most of the largest US companies are making more than enough money to account for inflation, they write, citing profit margins at many large US companies that are well above 2019 levels.

Companies complain of not being able to find workers and having to deal with the supply chain problem -- but if they are also building bigger profits behind inflation, that's enough to aggravate even the biggest supporter of free markets.

There's one anti-inflation tool Biden hasn't used. There aren't too many things Biden can do about inflation. He's used executive action to help ease supply chain issues at ports and asked for accountability from the oil and gas industry. But he doesn't control the Federal Reserve, so he can't just raise interest rates.

We will get the economy back on track again thanks to the build back better bill. Of which Joni voted against.


The current inflation is caused by supply constraint due to Trump's utter failure at containing COVID-19. As usual, Republicans always try to shift the blame rather than take responsibility for their constant denial of science and facts.

Michael R May

Nice try Senator Ernst to distract attention from your failure to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill!

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