I’m going to say one of those things that instantly identifies me as crazy or out of touch or just a cockeyed optimist.

Amy Duncan

Amy Duncan, publisher

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Steve Rose

Truly gorgeous rhetoric, Amy. The parallel between the caucuses and going into North Africa at the beginnings of WWII, priceless. What I do not see you addressing in your editorial is the fact that both Iowa and NH are two of the least representative states in the union based on racial/ethnic diversity, means of income, and ratio of urban dwellers to rural dwellers. I adore living in Iowa during caucus season, but I'm not convinced either our caucus or NH's primary serves the Democrat party or our nation well.


Nicely said Amy!!!...THIS is the story that should be on the National news. Thank you, Amy=)

Michael R May

Thanks for this column. I feel far less down about the Iowa Caucus after reading the observable positives about the Caucus.

My favorite line and a line that should never be forgotten is this:

"Ron Heideman said in an interview that the 'road to the White House runs through Indianola, right through Corner Sundry.'”

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