We had another great Indianola Classic Balloon Parade today. As a participant with the Warren County Republican Party, I, and other Republicans, had the pleasure of handing out 400 American flags to many children along the parade route. The grateful children, sometimes with a little prodding from their parents, would say "thank you" and then smile as they got their flag! The parents were also grateful.

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Michael R May

The first paragraph is inspirational. The first paragraph recalls my own inspiration of handing out American flags to children at the Warren County Democrats booth at a Warren County Fair.

The second paragraph pivots to a counterfactual rant attacking alleged "liberal elites".

Mr. Bohlken exemplifies the caricature patriotism of Donald Trump. Unlike "liberal elites", Donald Trump daily disrespects and demonizes American combat veterans. Consider just the past 6 month. Decorated U. S. Marine Corps General Mattis resigned after the daily humiliation of being ignored when Trump abruptly tweeted withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Consider the Navy Seal who led the raid on Osama Bin Laden who disagreed with Trump and received a Trump tweet saying the mission took "too long". Robert Mueller won a Bronze Star in combat as a U. S. Marine Corps officer and is daily attacked for treason by Trump claiming Mueller is leading "coup". Lastly, there is the ongoing attack on decorated combat veteran John McCain who is dead yet still is attacked by Trump. In one video Trump suggests McCain is in H ***. There is also the national disgrace of Trump asking the U. S. S. John McCain be kept out of the Trump's sight.

Yes, all Americans should pause to honor our flag unifying us in calling to mind what our Constitution and the brave men and women who have long fought to honor their oath to defend the Constitution By this measure, Mr. Bohlken should delete is second paragraph in its entirety on the ground it fails to call us to be authentic patriots.


Nice to give out flags. People of all beliefs and parties fly the Stars and Stripes outside of our homes and care about our country.

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