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My husband, Eric, and I take a breather from our Ozark adventures for this jaw-dropping view from Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail. That's Table Rock Lake peek-a-booing in the distance.

A few weeks ago, I woke up in a treehouse in the Ozark Mountains. The surrounding forest was thick, shrouded in mist and completely still, except for a white squirrel nibbling on an acorn breakfast.

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Our treehouse was more like glamping than childhood clubhouse. A gas fireplace crackled next to a kitchenette, and a spiral staircase of rough-hewn pine even led to a second floor.

Fee-tree interior.jpg

Why stay in a hotel when a treehouse could be our home away from home? We perched for a couple peaceful nights in "Owl Roost" at Branson Treehouse Adventures. 

Fee-Titanic outside.jpg

The Titanic Museum in Branson had partial recreations of the ill-fated ship, plus artifacts taken from the wreck site. I'm the speck of a tourist standing here on the outside.

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Michael R May

A delight to read this morning. Thank you. In answer to your concluding question, "Wondering where we’re headed to next?", yes. Yes, and bring your camera along again for eye catching -- and eye holding -- photos such as the tree house.

Jenny Staff

Thank you! This was so fun to write--now I have another good reason to hit the road again. Eric and I both have enjoyed your columns as well!

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