It’s snowing this morning and best described as good-sized soft falling flakes needing time to accumulate and taking little effort to shovel.

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Michael R May

I enjoyed your essay.
My three reactions:
1. I took an instant liking to the Danish word "slud" for a "rain and snow mix."
2. Your statement regarding the power of word selection called to mind Mark Twain's truism: "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug."
3. Most instructive to me because I am currently focused on healing the crippling power of dualistic thinking ("either/or" thinking) is your instructive conclusion to return to the "roots of childhood learning ad remember to Stop and Look Both Ways . . ."

Mike May


Thank you Mike - It's good knowing someone is out there, getting something from a string of words. I hop you enjoy the next article, which begins where this one ended - Stop and Look Both Ways....It's an unbroken line of pondering.

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