At a press conference this week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki moved the goal posts once again — claiming that the Biden Administration’s aim is to have more than 50 percent of schools offer “some teaching” in person “at least one day a week” by the 100th day of Joe Biden’s presidency. Yes, you read that right: President Biden’s goal is to have kids in school only one day per week, and no sooner than the end of April.

Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst

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Mary Corsair

I completely agree that virtual learning is NO substitute for in-person learning when it pertains especially to our elementary-age students. I also share Sen. Ernst's concern about students falling behind and know it will take a massive effort and creative problem-solving to meet the challenges this "lost year" has caused. I am bothered, however, when Sen. Ernst blames "the left" for this tough situation: "Unfortunately, many politicians across the country are more loyal to Left-wing special interests than the well-being of our kids, and have failed to take this commonsense step" [of getting our kids back in school]. These have been trying and scary times for EVERYONE involved and I'm sure all sides of this dilemma want in-person school to happen full-time ASAP. Laying the blame at the feet of the political left, however, is a cheap, divisive and completely unnecessary framing of a very complex set of problems. Getting our students AND STAFF back to work in as normal a routine as possible is the goal for EVERYONE. Let's acknowledge that, honor the legitimate fears and concerns of those who are hesitant, address them with facts and science, and move forward from there. We need to be in this together, not throwing unnecessary partisan blame to score political points!


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