State Senator Julian Garrett

State Senator Julian Garrett

You may not be surprised to hear that crime is rising in Minneapolis after the city council voted last June to work towards “ending” the police department. According to MPR, “The City Council moved $1.1 million from the police to the health department to fund “violence interrupters” who would mediate conflicts and head off further trouble.” This does not defund the police, but it did make a significant cut in the budget of the police department. On Nov. 9, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that since last June, the number of officers has gone from 877 down to 844. The number of civilian employees in the police department has gone down from 176 to 143. Of the 987 total employees on October 1, nearly 100, mostly officers were on leave lasting over 2 weeks. The paper reports that “The city has struggled to combat a wave of violent crime, recording 74 homicides so far this year.” Even last September the Star Tribune reported that “Through last week, the city had logged 3,674 violent crimes — defined as homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assaults — up 17% from the previous five-year average for this period, according to a Star Tribune analysis of police statistics.” On November 10, National Review reported that “Violent crime is up in Minneapolis more than 20 percent compared to this time last year, according to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo. The department is also bracing for about $12 million in cuts.”

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Michael R May

I agree with “reneedal” who accurately describes Senator Garrett’s vision as “a continued narrow vision of the issues”.

I am reminded of Kathleen Singh’s observation that “our culture suffers not so much from the forces of darkness but from the forces of shallowness.”


In all fairness for this discussion, this is a relatively short period of time to gather information on. We must also look at the increase in hate crimes throughout the U.S. over the past few years and how this has been escalating. I believe your article was to point out how "defunding" the police is not working in Minneapolis, but to discuss one thing and not the other is a continued narrow vision of the issues going on in cities like Minneapolis.

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