We are all responsible for the climate crisis, says Matt Russell, executive director of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light (https://iowaipl.org). Matt spoke at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Indianola to a crowd of about 60 people last week at an event sponsored by the Indianola Green Team.

Ron Heideman

Ron Heideman

Matt Russell DSC_2456-Pano.JPG

A crowd assembled at Indianola Trinity United Presbyterian Church to hear Matt Russell of Iowa Interfaith Power and Light speak.

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Steve Rose

The most important topic of this election; the most important issue of our lives. As a person of faith who has been told he has "dominion over this earth," I take heart in the instruction this piece provides. Well written, Ron Heideman!

Michael R May

Thank you for your accurate reporting and thoughtful commentary.

This part of your report regarding reaching out to find allies is the most important point and results in a question. . You write: "Russell’s novel idea is to enlist farmers as allies in fighting climate crisis. He’s had three 'Faith, Farmers, and Climate Action' meetings with farm families in church basements to eat and talk. Russell asked farmers, 'How is God calling you to use your farm to improve the world?'"

My question: Does any local group plan to follow up with more meetings with farmers to hear the perspective of farmers AND learn from farmers on Climate Change?

It seems to me that finding allies can be a game changer.

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