As our communities continue to recover from a difficult year and we focus on how to strengthen our local economies, there has rightly been a lot of discussion about job creation, infrastructure investments, and supporting our workers.

Rep. Cindy Axne

Cindy Axne is the U.S. Representative from Iowa's Third Congressional District.

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Let's first investigate what the CTC (Child Tax Credit) really means. The CTC is an advanced tax refund payment for your children. Simply put, a family that has children 5 and under will receive an advanced tax "refund" of $3,600 if the family's adjusted gross income is under $150,000. CTC advanced payments are $300 per month for children 6-17 years old. When you file your 2021 taxes you will get the rest of the refund. It ends in 2022. The advanced refund payment changes based on your income. ( If you dig deeper the CTC would need to be paid back as an over payment because of changes in your income or your child ages out, turns 18 within the year. The Child Tax Credit is an advanced payment on your tax refund. It is more complicated than Representative Axne explains in her column.

Here's a better way to put Iowa's children first. Prioritize and reward the Iowa family by keeping the cost of living down and keeping taxes low. As a legislative leader be fiscally responsible. Biden's infrastructure plan will have to be paid for by our nation's youth through soaring taxes, inflation and high interest rates. Expecting our youth to carry this burden doesn't say you care for them and put them first. Second, show you truly put children first and make abortion illegal. Over 3,000 innocent babies were aborted in Iowa in 2019. Lastly, prioritize education, Nobel Prize winner James Heckman writes that challenges in society like incarceration, mental health, voter participation and welfare dependence are made better through quality education.


Thank you for putting Iowa’s children first.

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