Elodie Opstad

Elodie Opstad

Given this Unbroken Line of Pondering uses the last thought of the previous column to begin the next, could old settler ideas regarding Truth, Trust and Reliance help today?

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Michael R May

A good and timely reach back to our past for guidance. This column calls to mind the streetwise survival lesson of Ms. Opstad, published here on March 11, 2019, calling for a “return to the roots of the childhood learning” to always “remember to Stop and Look Both Ways . . .”
“Stop and Look Both Ways” is a streetwise survival lesson learned as a child and only ignored at a child’s peril. “Stop and Look Both Ways” -- look left and look right -- is a streetwise political lesson ignored at America’s peril.

Shirley Clark

Elodie always has something thought provoking for us. Thank you for sharing with us.

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