“Chicago saw its highest number of gun violence victims in a single weekend this year with 104 people shot across the city from Friday evening to Monday morning, 14 of them fatally. Five of those killed were minors.”

State Senator Julian Garrett

State Senator Julian Garrett

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Kelly Marie

Mr. Garrett, I am one of your constituents here in Warren County. Have you even had a conversation with any of your constituents who support Black Lives Matter? You are supposed to represent all of us and judging us and our cause without any first hand experience only shows ignorance and a lack of caring about us and what is important to us.

Que Sera

The black on black crime narrative is often used to divert attention away from the issue at hand, as it is here. 90% of deaths among Black people are committed by other Black people. 83% of deaths among white people are committed by other white people. Not THAT different. Most violent crimes are committed within racial groups. It’s sad you are using this as an argument against positive change or BLM.


Representative Garrett:

As a white male who grew up in the suburbs, I used to hold some of the same viewpoints you express here, but I have learned my way out of them. Believe me, there are others I’m still working on. I invite you to push past your inherited viewpoints; it will lead you to a much richer perspective on the potential of humanity.

I take your point as this: Since the Black Lives Matter group is only focusing on police brutality agains Blacks, they are ignoring “Black on Black” violence in our cities, and this means they don’t really care about it, and are just there to advance a “far-left” agenda. Fair enough? Let’s look into that.

I’ll just assume that you are ignorant of the massive, sustained sacrifice over the past several centuries that countless Black people have made to establish and maintain peaceful, just, equitable societies. Because if you had that knowledge, you would quickly realize that the heart of the BLM movement comes from the same set of church, social, and civic organizations that have been working for decades to undo the problems facing Black communities, including violence. Just start by Googling, I don’t know, Ida B. Wells. Just start; come on along.

There is simply no way of solving the problems of poverty, privatized incarceration, broken school infrastructure, and the dozens more factors that fuel the problems of violence in our cities without first solving the problem of state-sponsored oppression and violence against Black people that have continually hampered progress since slavery began here in 1619.

If you exert some energy into learning about the conditions that still exist to squash any real opportunities for so many Blacks, you will see that they can be solved. But for any chance of a solution, White people have to get away from the racist fear mongering, the fever-dream of a race war nurtured by the white supremacists, and the comfortable old stories that have allowed us to remain impassive about this. We have to start insisting that our hesitant White friends get moving on this.

And here’s the best part: Exploring these questions with an open mind and some empathy won’t accidentally turn you into a left-winger! In the BLM group I belong to, a significant portion identify as libertarian, independent/middle, and indeed conservative. I think they are all just good people, you know? Come on along.

But until then, I’ll start holding people accountable who use the BLM name to commit violence once our society universally and consistently holds the state-sponsored perpetrators of violence against Black and Brown people accountable in a truly just way. You go first.


Facts!!! A Black Man killing another Black Man in a robbery is no different than the White husband who murders his wife and two children, due to a domestic dispute. I never heard White people say, “We gotta stop killing Us!” Never. Not one single time! White people kill more White people than any other race in America. #FACT


Julian Garrett- Are you deflecting from police officers killing black people by saying 'its ok, they kill each other'? Are you seriously that lazy about thinking outside the box, or do you just enjoy copy and paste? This is about the people who are working for our government, that are supposed to protect and serve, being paid by OUR tax dollars killing civilians. Crime in a neighborhood is committed by the people who live in that neighborhood, that is one of the most obvious facts. All crime in Indianola is white on white (same with communities all across America) You would be better off to just say you are openly racist like Steve King k?

Tara Elcock

This is completely accurate. This deflection is harmful to the real issue, but that is apparently his ammunition--deflect rather than serve his constituents with grace and dignity. This is disheartening. We deserve better. Step down!

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