Warren County Administration Building

Warren County Administration Building

A plan to rezone 124 acres near Carlisle from A-1 (agricultural district) to RR-1 (rural residential consumed much of Tuesday’s meeting of the Warren County Board of supervisors.

Dennis and Patricia Van Ryswyk have requested the rezoning for a large lot, single-family residential development on their property

Several members of the community voiced their concerns with the request during a public hearing.

In a letter read to the Supervisors, one landowner wrote she felt the request did not fall in line with the Iowa master plan for future land use, growth and development in Warren County.

“This proposal misses the mark and does not match with the desired outcomes of that plan,” the letter stated.  

Alfonso Valenzuela-Gumucio, chair of the Warren County Historic Preservation Commission, says his main concern with the request is preserving a home on the property that was built in 1863.

“We are not against the development itself, it’s just the density and what can come out of it,” said Valenzuela-Gumucio.

One attendee voiced frustration with the supervisors after learning no member had read the land use plan in its entirety.

“I’m not a supervisor and I’ve read the plan,” he said. He then suggested supervisors be required to read the plan if they are accountable and responsible to the citizens of the county for zoning decisions.

The request was tabled indefinitely until further research on the best way to preserve the 18 acres that contain the 1863 house.

The supervisors also decided to change the speed limit on county road S23 from 45 to 30 miles per house during a bridge replacement project.

The request is a safety precaution until guardrails are installed, said David Carroll, Warren County engineer

The supervisors also approved hiring Miranda Rodriguez in the auditor’s office as a full-time election clerk. Auditor Traci VanderLinden says she also is in the process of hiring a part-time position.  

The board’s next official meeting will be at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 1, in the supervisors’ board room in the Warren County administration building.

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