The Warren County Courthouse

The Warren County Courthouse is slated for demolition beginning in May.

The Warren County Courthouse has been a crisis in the making for more than 10 years — so long that many people in the county have forgotten how it all got started, and what leaders already have tried.


A backhoe removed trees and sidewalks from the site of the Warren County Courthouse Monday.

Warren County Courthouse demolition

The existing Warren County Courthouse has been demolished, leaving an empty hole in the center of the Indianola Square as members of the Warren County Board of Supervisors consider what to do about climbing costs on building a new county justice center.

Warren County Courthouse

The site of the former Warren County Courthouse.

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Michael R May

Thank you for this excellent chronology. A rigorously factual chronology such as this always serves to focus discussion by orienting all to the facts. Well done.


Excellent timeline and information


It does not make sense to have a building on the square that will be outgrown in a few years to ten years. The is a good opportunity for the city to take the square and really make it a place to visit and showcase. I for one would like to see the courthouse/jail moved to the west or north side of town. It's to bad the supervisors did not do the planning they should have done at the beginning of this nightmare.


Thanks for the good research and report! I'd love to see something like a little park in the middle of the square with lots of trees, flowers, places to sit, and a little playground...,

Steve Rose

Fantastic, concise piece of journalism here. The madness of the decisions made seep through the corners of each paragraph without the journalist wielding the knife.

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