Indianola Mayor Kelly Shaw welcomed the community to the opening of the Buxton Park Children's Garden in 2019.

Indianola Mayor Kelly Shaw submitted his resignation Monday night during the Indianola City Council study meeting, effective Tuesday at noon. Shaw gave his resignation letter to city attorney Doug Fulton during the council's study committee meeting.

Mayor Kelly Shaw

Mayor Kelly Shaw

Mayor's resignation letter

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Steve Rose

Kelly Shaw is a class act. I don't follow all city issues , but the list of concerns that Shaw delineates speaks to me. I have nothing but respect for Kelly Shaw, and his point about being reduced to being a ceremonial gavel rings true. One question. Why does this take much research in terms of filling the empty position? Hardly an arcane concern in a city in a "weak mayor" system. (BTW, "Weak governor" refers to a system where a city appoint a city manager with broad powers. It does not reflect on the mayor personally.)


I am so sorry to see Mayor Shaw end is Mayorship of our town. He is the bet mayor we have had for a while and always looked out for the wellbeing, concerns and needs of the people of Indianola. What the City Council did to him but beyond belief and just nothing more than revenge. Will they lift all the restrictions of the mayor pro-tem or the new mayor??????>


Mr. Shaw is correct in his views. The city council has become very short-sighted in the past few years inserting themselves into areas of decisions that should not be politicized


Yea. An actual article to read.


This is very unfortunate for Indianola. [sad]

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