Beef cow-calf producers recognize the importance of staying informed on all aspects of production, and a new four-part webinar series from Iowa Beef Center will help them do just that.

Iowa State University extension program specialist Chris Clark said the series is intended to provide timely topics for beef cow management and the opportunity to access the information when it's convenient for producers. The first session of this series is set for Wed., Dec. 11, and focuses on winter feeding management.

"Feeding cows effectively and economically is always critical in cow-calf production. But given the weather challenges of 2019, this is a very timely topic for this winter.” said Clark. “In order for cows to be healthy and productive, beef cows need a solid winter nutritional program. We may have some feed and forage quality issues this year related to growing and harvest conditions. This webinar should help producers to develop effective winter feeding programs.”

Speakers will share information on assessing feed quality and determining nutritional management strategies of beef cows as they enter the third trimester of gestation. Garland Dahlke, IBC associate scientist, will present "Winter Feed: Considering the Feed Quality Forecast" and Katy Lippolis, assistant professor of animal science at Iowa State, will talk on "Winter Nutritional Management for Beef Cows."

The webinar is available state-wide for viewing at home and several host sites will also be available across the state for viewing. Area beef specialists will be at host sites to facilitate further discussion following the webinars. Local discussions may include local feed quality issues and ration needs specific to individual producers.

There is no cost to attend an in-person location or to view the webinar at home, but you are encouraged to preregister for both options by either calling your preferred host location or completing the online registration form to sign up for home-viewing. Plans are to record each webinar and provide links to those recordings when they're available.

For South Central Iowa, the public viewing site for the Dec. 11 webinar will be at the Madison County Extension Office in Winterset. If planning to attend at the office, please register by Dec. 9 by calling (515) 462-1001 or by using the following link: Please watch the webinar series program page link below for viewing locations of future webinars.

The list of webinar dates and topics follows. All sessions will be held from 6 to 8 p.m.

• Dec. 11, Winter feeding management

• Jan. 22, 2020, Preparing for calving season

• Feb. 18, 2020, Market trends, tracking and improving profitability

• March 10, 2020, Pasture renovation, forage management

See the webinar series program page for additional information and links to archived recordings.


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