Robert L. Larsen & Doug Duncan in the Blank Performing Arts Center lobby with the DMMO festival orchestra.jpg

Robert L. Larsen and Doug Duncan, founders of the Des Moines Metro Opera, in the Blank Performing Arts Center lobby with the DMMO festival orchestra in 1987.

The opera world lost “the wizard of Iowa” Sunday when Robert L. Larsen, founder of Des Moines Metro Opera, died.

Dr Larsen & Kimm Julian.jpg

Kimm Julian, a singer with the DMMO, and Larsen on a motorcycle outside Blank Performing Arts Center, longtime performance home of the company.


Dr. Robert Larsen and Douglas Duncan, co-founders of Des Moines Metro Opera, in Pote Theatre in the Blank Performing Arts Center at Simpson College, where the opera company has long performed its summer festival.

Dr Larsen &  with 25th Anniversary ice sculpture.jpg

Dr. Robert Larsen, co-founder of Des Moines Metro Opera, on the company's 25th anniversary.


Dr. Robert Larsen and Michael Egel, current general and artistic director at Des Moines Metro Opera, during a trip to visit the Santa Fe Opera in 2008.

Dr Larsen early rehearsal A Larson.jpg

Dr. Larsen, center, and Anne Larson of Indianola and an early singer with the company, during a rehearsal.

Larsen, Robert.jpg

Robert Larsen

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Thank you Dr Larsen for all you've done for the Des Moines Metro Opera, Indianola, Simpson College, the state of Iowa, students, singers and friends and the world of Opera! You will be missed but forever remembered.


Great capture of an amazing man - Thank you!


Love this story!

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