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Runners who achieved their goal got to ring the bell to mark their achievement. Walton ran 50 miles, rested, and then walked six more.

When Kate Walton first started running seriously about 10 years ago, she started with the Dam to Dam, a 12.4-mile race in Des Moines.

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Kate Walton of Indianola gathered before the race with a group of friends from Another Mother Runner, an online group that decided to challenge themselves to run 50 miles in honor of one member's 50th birthday. From left to right, Melissa Theberge, Julie Patno, Tamara Paton, Kate Walton and Susan DiLeo.

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Kate Walton of Indianola as she finished the 50-mile goal she had set for herself at Three Days at the Fair in Sussex County, New Jersey in May. After resting, Walton went back out and walked another six miles.

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The Three Days at the Fair event was held in Sussex County, New Jersey, in May.

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Steve Rose

Why am I not surprised? Kate is one of the most capable, competent people I know. It only makes sense those qualities came out in this event.


Extraordinary accomplishment reflecting dedication and discipline.

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