Indianola school administration building

Indianola school administration building

A group of concerned citizens continues to press the Indianola School Board to revamp the school district’s “Indians” name and logo.

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Regarding Mr. Wilson's comments regarding the phrase "Forever we are indians" and the subsequent comment "We are not Indians." There was absolutely no ill intent on that graduation document. Rather, it was a statement of pride. If the statement on the graduation program had said "Forever we are: Cowboys, Engineers, Titans, Boilermakers, Brewers, Twins, Saints, Buccaneers or Angels, should we have to be concerned that a cowboy or a twin somewhere might take offense? After all, a large majority of us aren't cowboys or twins. Ridiculous right? In my opinion, the school has done its due diligence on the matter of ensuring our district is treating Native Americans with the respect they deserve. Enough already! Drop it! The cost to the school district to make name/logo changes would be astronomical! New uniforms for sports and band alone would be off the chart! And that's just the tip of the financial iceberg. We have better places to spend school monies. Consider also, how many people in the district don't have hundreds of dollars to spend replacing all of their personal branded attire. This issue needs to be dropped!


As an old “Townie” it saddens me that we are being forced to change our mascot name. Will we have to change the name of our town? And, some of us may be Indians and are proud of it.

Midwest Human

Appreciate the comment but no one is being "forced" to do anything. Its all dialogue and the weight of documentation. No one, and i mean no one has ever mentioned the town name. Its a totally different thing. Though, a rose by any other name, etc.


I see that it is their concern and feelings. This has been going on for 20+ years. My question is why hasn't any of the existing tribes in Iowa come to us and addressed their concerns with the school board and other schools in Iowa? My next question is if this is a big issue then why are we not discussing the various names of Iowa Cities and Counties which refer to various Native American Tribes or Chiefs, etc. Why is the name Indians offensive but the town of Keokuk not? I mean Keokuk was a chief.

I am not understanding why this need to erase our past because certain individuals house some sort of guilt and feel the need to save the world from ever seeing it again. The more we continue to erase history the more we are inclined to repeat it.

What are the solutions? Given the rich Native American history in Iowa and within many of our citizen's why hasn't the solution been brought forward to work with the various tribes in Iowa to come up with the best name and logo to use that they could find honor in us utilizing it, so as not further erasing the people and culture like so many are inclined to do now a days.

Midwest Human

So, there is a difference between articulating individual indigenous figures, naming figures an area has an organic tie to, and us. We have no actual local connection to a named tribe or figure. Our name is explicitly just a race based name. Its a tokenization of a real people. Its generic. It implies all indians are interchangeable. Plains, woodland, eh, whatever, right?

A town name is just that. It isnt commercialized, invoked abstractly for "luck" alongside team names like the cyclones on equalfooting, nor involve its citizens actually claiming membership in it.

The problem is the insistence that there has to be a solution that isnt the solution already repeatedly offered by tribal entities. You dont impose your idea of honor on someone, that isnt honoring.

You no more erase indigenous culture by removing team names than you remove african american culture by removing minstrel shows.

Are you suggesting the meskwaki are guilt laden and erasing themselves?

The simpson indigenous club who protested the "red men" shirts that popped up last year - guess they wanted to erase themselves.

Perhaps celebrate their proclamation day? We dont because the *only* time our "rich" history is mentioned it is in reference to our cavalier desire to be the "indians".

Because this is not actually complex. We wouldnt claim to be "forever we are asians" and slap "ASIANS" on a jersey. We dont constantly demand other ethnic groups keep accounting. Do you need the naacp to tell you we cant be the "indianola negroes"? Would that honor them? This is a softball.

We named our team during the vogue of native naming during the era of hollywood caricature. It has no inherent meaning or connection to our town or county.

The solution is retire the name. Make a proper cheesey sports name like every other sports name.

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