Christmas came early for the Indianola Fire Department, which received its new Sutphen 75-foot straight stick ladder truck.

The Indianola City Council had agreed to purchase the truck, which replaces an older truck that was sold around 2016 or 2017, for $833,816, back in October.

The older truck was rarely used, said Indianola Fire Chief Greg Chia in October. It was too heavy for Warren County bridges and while its ladder could reach 115-feet, buildings in Indianola can only be built up to 50-feet, he added.

“It had only been out 15 times or 16 times in four years it was here, and it was only set up twice,” he said. but four-story buildings like the Country Inn and Suites makes an aerial truck necessary.

Chia told the city council Tuesday that he had originally expected the truck to arrive in June of 2022. Instead, it showed up Wednesday.

The truck has a 300 gal. tank and can deliver 1,500 gal/min; weighs 22 tons an is 40' 7.75" long. It carries a 35', 24' and 2 14' extension ladders and 1 10' ceiling ladder.

“It carries its own water, it has a pump, it has an aerial and it carries hose, so it could go out by itself on a fire response,” said Chia in October, when the council approved the purchase.

Having such an apparatus also improves the city’s ISO rating, which insurance companies look at when pricing homeowner’s insurance, he added.

The truck was ranked as a high priority by the council in capital improvement plans, said Indianola city manager Ryan Waller in October.

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Having a 300 gallon tank seems kinda useless if it can deliver 1500 gallons/minute! Unless the truck is hooked up to a hydrant, the tank would be depleted in a matter of seconds! What am I missing?

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