Voting and social distancing

Voters in Carlisle's Allen 2 and 3 will cast ballots at the Carlisle Community Building on Nov. 2.

On November 2, voters will have the opportunity to vote for school board candidates. The following information is broken down by town, noting what people will be on the ballot and which current office holders are not seeking re-election.


In the Carlisle School District there are at-large, District 1 and District 2 seats up this election cycle, and you may vote for one per seat. Jeramie Eginore is the incumbent for the at–large seat and his opponent is Joshua Appletoft. For District 1, Hillary Blackford-Gardner is the incumbent and is running against Jill Erzen and Thomas J. Barr II. For District 2, Samantha Fett is the incumbent and she is running against John Atkin.


Ten people are running for Indianola School Board but you may only vote for three of the following candidates: Scott Duncan, Patty Sereg Alexander, Lisa Koziczkowski, Aaron Labertew, Clemente' G. Love, Nicholas Mahstadt, Tim Mills, Mack R. Rankin, Tony Tungland and Ryan Werling.

The three people who currently hold the seats are as follows: Laurie Abernathy, Ken Bresnan and Carolyn Langenwalter. None of them are seeking re-election.


Interstate 35 has two seats up for election for its school board. Sara Hughes is the District 3 incumbent and her opponent is Monica Strange. Melissa Keller is the only name on the ballot for District 4. Current District 4 board member Cindi Cassady is not seeking re-election.


Martensdale-St Marys has Districts 1, 2 and 4 up for this election cycle. Ralph DiCesare is the District 1 incumbent, running against Becky Deitenbeck and Bill Denny. District 2 has one candidate: Travis Tibbits. Jennifer Parrott, the current District 2 office holder, is not running for re-election. District 4’s lone candidate is Russell Kordick. Current District 4 office holder Don Reeves is not running for re-election.


Norwalk has four people running for school board. Justin Fletcher is the incumbent with Brian Rausch and Andrew Steiger also running. It’s a vote for two.

Current board member Maribeth Wright is the lone candidate running to fill a vacant seat. Raush currently serves in that seat and was appointed, but now he’s vying for a regular seat on the board and Wright is running for the vacant seat.


Southeast Warren has several people in the running: Adam Luse and Andrew Butler for District 2, with Ronald Miller, the incumbent, not running for re-election. It’s a vote for one.

District 4’s incumbent is Cody Reynolds, being challenged by Kayla Wallace. It’s a vote for one. Shari Ruble is on the ballot for District 5 to fill a vacancy. She was appointed to the seat in April 2021 and now is seeking election to the seat.

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