Indianola City Hall

Indianola City Hall

At the city council meeting on Monday, Aug. 16, Indianola history was made, as Mayor Pam Pepper formally recognized the first female full-time career firefighter in Indianola. 

“Tonight we are recognizing Jill Burrell, who is forever entered into our archives as the first full time female career firefighter paramedic for the city of Indianola, Iowa,” Pepper said. “We love that you’re going to be a role model for all the young girls out there who want to be a firefighter too.”

The theme of female empowerment continued throughout the night, as Pepper also issued a proclamation declaring Aug. 26 Women’s Equality Day in Indianola. 

“I encourage all citizens to reflect on the continuing struggle for equality in the workplace and the role of women in our public life,” Pepper said in the proclamation. “Women in public service and government have long served this nation by working to clear barriers, enforce laws, implement new ideas, and change people’s attitudes.”

During old business, the council heard and approved a resolution approving a development agreement with the Indianola Country Club. 

“Currently, the Indianola Country Club receives water from the current wastewater treatment plant for irrigation purposes,” said city manager Ryan Waller. “During the citing study with a previous city council, a request was made by the country club of the city to consider installing a similar irrigation line as part of our project with the caveat that the country club would pay.”

The project will take place as part of the trunk line project. Currently, the estimated cost is $355,447. According to the agreement, the country club will pay the total plus interest, over the course of 10 years. 

The council also heard and/or approved the following resolutions and ordinances:


  • Resolution determining an area of the City to be an economic development area, and that the rehabilitation, conservation, redevelopment, development or a combination thereof, of such area is necessary in the interest of the public health, safety or welfare of the residents of the City; designating such area as appropriate for urban renewal projects; and adopting the Amendment No. 4 to the Hillcrest/Downtown Unified Urban Renewal Plan. 

  • Consideration of an Ordinance to revise the collection of tax increment revenues within the Urban Renewal Area, as amended and as part of adopting amendment Number 4 to the Hillcrest/Downtown Unified Urban Renewal Plan for an urban renewal area in the City of Indianola.

  • Resolution adopting Amendment Number 1 to the Amended and Restated 1998 Citywide Urban Revitalization Plan.

  • Resolution directing the acceptance of a proposal to purchase $6,740,000 General Obligation Capital Loan Notes, Series 2021.

  • Resolution approving an agreement for the Fiscal Year 22 Manhole Lining project.

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