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The last photo says that Rob Sand is "contemplating" a run for governor. A run for governor is the whole reason for Sand becoming state auditor. Although he is an attorney and not a C.P.A., and therefore not even qualified to conduct an audit, he had to run for auditor because Tom Miller did not leave the Attorney General slot. Have you ever heard any past state auditor being mentioned in the media as often as Sand? What is particularly laughable, or at least ironic, is that Sand suggested Governor Reynolds violated the state's self-promotion law by appearing in a video, along with Democrat Tom Vilsack, to promote mask wearing. She did not violate the law which provides an exception for a state of emergency. Nonetheless, this gave Rob Sand another opportunity to spend government money to engage in self-promotion for his forthcoming gubernatorial campaign. If anyone wants to make some money, bet on Sand running for Governor. It's always been a sure thing!


According to our state law, Governor Reynolds had to first declare a public emergency in order for her to appear in the advertisement. She did not do that. Consequently, Auditor Sand was simply pointing out she violated state law when she appeared in the video. Having former Governor Vilsack in the video did not violate Iowa law as he was not a current Iowa office holder.

She also violated state law when she used $21 million dollars of Covid Relief money to buy an updated state computer system. In order to stop a lawsuit filed over the issue of a law violation, she had to have the state legislature pass a retroactive law allowing her to do so. The legislature also had to clean up her mess a second time. She had done that previously with $300 million she took without Iowa code authorization from the rainy day fund earlier in her administration. I would think we would rather have someone that respected the law rather than having to have the legislature pass a law to make something legal that was illegal at the time.

Rob Sand goes after both parties when they are wrong. If it is wrong it is wrong and he points it out, regardless of party. I would think most Iowans would appreciate that after three years of law violation, blundering the Covid response and true partisanship (that really does nothing to better everyday Iowan's lives) coming from the Governor's office.

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