Warren County Administration Building

Warren County Administration Building

The Warren County Board of Supervisors hit the easy button on a pair of COVID-related issues during a special meeting Thursday afternoon.

County employees will continue to pay their 6.2 percent Social Security withholding, despite a presidential memorandum allowing employers to opt out of the withholding for the last three months of the year.

“It’s entirely optional,” whether to participate, said Megan Andrew, board assistant, and Ahlers and Cooney, which handles employee issues for the county, recommends that they don’t.

“It’s just a deferral until January,” she said the law firm stated in an alert. “Then you have to do double collections on employees in January to get it all paid by April.”

“What if we do that and December 29 some employee departs or finds something else and doesn’t want to pay it back?” asked Supervisor Aaron DeKock. “We’re the ones sort of left holding the bag on that. I probably am not in super favor of doing that.”

DeKock said he would go ahead with the deferral if he thought it likely that Congress would agree to waive the tax altogether and call it “stimulus.”

“That would be the saving grace,” he said. “But I don’t have a whole lot of faith in Congress.”

Supervisors Doug Shull and Crystal McIntyre concurred and the issue was tabled without a motion.

The board also agreed to apply for $652,486.32 in COVID-19 reimbursement money, up from the $400,000 they had planned to apply for at a meeting last week.

Andrew told the board she had learned they could apply for the whole amount the county is eligible for, rather than making new applications when money is spent. She will update the board on how much of the reimbursement they have used when she does her regular budget reports.

“Let’s make it easy,” said DeKock. The board voted unanimously to go ahead with the change.

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