11.17 Warren County COVID cases

The Carlisle community school district will extend its Thanksgiving break by three days and hold a school board meeting Monday, Nov. 23, to decide what learning model it will use following Thanksgiving.

The 50047 zip code, which includes Carlisle, added 27 cases on Tuesday, according to the Warren County Public Health zip code case count, which now is being delivered in a map format rather than a spreadsheet.

The Carlisle break will extends from Nov. 25 to Dec. 2, according to a message from the Carlisle school district.

Warren County Sheriff Brian Vos reported Tuesday afternoon that there were at least 24 cases of COVID within the Carlisle city limits.

The 50125 zip code, which includes Indianola, added 24 new cases, according to Warren County Public Health, while the 50211 zip code, which includes Norwalk, added 23.

Indianola city manager Ryan Waller said Indianola had had 504 cases of the virus within the city limits since the pandemic began. There have been 140 cases in the city’s fire district, which extends beyond the city limits.

Six communities with residents in Warren County added one case of the virus each on Tuesday, including 50225/Pleasantville; 50320/Des Moines; 50210/New Virginia; 50240/St. Charles; 50229/Prole and 50061/Cumming.

The county overall added 80 new cases overnight, according to the Warren County Public Health web site, with 232 people being tested between Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Simpson College added another two cases on Tuesday, bringing the number of active cases on campus to 23, according to a social media post by the Simpsonian, the college student newspaper. There are 73 students in quarantine on or off-campus, the post said. There have been a total of four new cases on campus so far this week. The college added 23 cases during the week ending Nov. 15 and 28 cases added during the week ending Nov. 8.

Classes at Simpson are slated to end Nov. 24, with students going home for Thanksgiving and not returning until second semester.

The Harvard Global health Institute’s risk assessment map shows Warren County averaging 74.6 new cases of COVID per day over a rolling seven-day period as of Sunday, the most recent day for which statistics are available. The county is averaging 144.9 cases per 100,000 people over a rolling seven-day period, up from 51.9 on Nov. 10, one week ago.

The county’s positivity rate rose slightly from 18.3 percent on Monday to 18.9 percent on Tuesday, according to the Iowa Department of Public Health web site.

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