Community Thanksgiving celebration

We may be living in a socially distanced world, but Indianola residents will still be able to gather for the annual ecumenical Thanksgiving church service put on by the Indianola Ministerial Association.

It will just be on Facebook or You Tube this year.

“There’s all the regular parts of the worship service that people are used to hearing,” said the Rev. Dave Endriss, minister at Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Indianola and secretary of the Indianola Ministerial Association.

In some ways, it’s very similar to what the association has done in the past, with different churches responsible for various aspects of the service.

But this year, attendees will get to see participant sin the service in their home churches with the Rev. Tim Bonney issuing the call to worship from the First United Methodist Church; the Trinity Presbyterian hand bell choir performing at Trinity; and the Rev. Lisa Parker offering the sermon from Redeemer Lutheran.

“You’ll get a tour of all the churches if you watch the service,” said Endriss.

The Rev. John Jakes of Calvary Baptist assembled all of the pieces into one service, said Endriss.

Churches may send out the link to their members or viewers can just go to the ministerial association’s Facebook page to find the service. The service became available on Sunday.

Endriss said the service is even more important during a pandemic than during a regular year. Ministers are concerned about people in the community feeling isolated from others, he said, particularly older residents.

“This is one way we can let them know that God is present and there is hope,” he said. “Even in the midst of the pandemic there is hope. We’re letting them know we haven’t forgotten them and we care.”

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