Ready to show

Warren County quilters are busy getting their work ready to display for a drive by quilt show on Sunday.

May will mark three months since the Warren County Piecemakers Guild has met in person.

With COVID-19 still in the air, the members are taking to the streets.

“I’m sitting here quarantined, and I went on a car cruise with my husband,” said Sue Keller, who dreamed up the idea. “And I thought, why can’t we do that with quilts? So I sent a note to members and asked what would you think about a drive-by quilt show?”

Ready to show 2

Warren County quilters are busy getting their work ready to display for a drive by quilt show on Sunday.

So now members of the Piecemakers, and the public, are invited to drive through Indianola to see quilts on display Sunday, May 17, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Quilts will be displayed over bushes or hanging on racks in yards, she said, making it easy to see them from your vehicle.

It’s not all that different from what the group does during its regular meetings, when members show off their projects in between club business and a program, said Keller. The group has about 50 members, she said, with around 40 showing up for monthly meetings. They provide quilts to patients at the John Stoddard Cancer Center among other projects. Last year, they made 85 wheelchair blankets and gathered items to donate to Goodwill. Right now, many of the members are making masks.

Keller said the number of homes should make for a doable afternoon of driving and examining quilts. Some people will show quilts at First United Methodist Church and Redeemer Lutheran Church, as well.

“The guild is really excited just to have something to do,” said Keller, although some members are choosing not to participate. “I think there are some who would just as soon drive around and look at the quilts.”

A map to the quilts

1500 W Jackson Ave        

1513 W. Jackson Ave

806 North G                    

410 W.  Boston -  Redeemer Lutheran Church

302 S. Kenwood Blvd. 

1010 South R St

1302 South O                

609 South G St.                

411 South G St

307 W. Ashland - 1st United Methodist Church          

900 N. Buxton                

1104 N.Buxton

500 W. Norwood Pl.

The event may be rescheduled in case of rain, she added.

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