Indianola celebartes

Indianola High School students cheer for of their friends and schoolmates during basketball season. They were slated to celebrate again on Wednesday as seniors were recognized, but COVID-19 meant the celebration had to change approaches.

Wednesday would have been the day that Indianola seniors were recognized in a assembly at the high school before graduation over the weekend.

While the assembly was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis, the awards were not. Here are awards earned by 2020 seniors.

American Bar Association Citizenship Award – Bailey Blake and Andrew Lester

American Legion Citizenship Award – Emily Rolands and Tom Krapfl

John Monroe Honorary Award for Character - Heather Willmott and Tyce Johnson

E Wayne Cooley Award – Alivia Bauer

Bernie Saggau Award – Miles Berg

Governor Scholars Recognition – Thomas Krapfl and Andreas Miller

National Council on Youth Leadership – Alivia Bauer, Sophia Bell, Bailey Blake, Tyce Johnson, Nicholas Koenig, Thomas Krapfl, Emily Rolands, Mary Staudacher, Heather Willmott

National Merit Scholar – Heather Willmott

Life Science Award – Heather Willmott

Physical Science Award – Brayden Beinhart

Overall Science Award – Thomas Krapfl

Mathematics Award – Heather Willmott and Thomas Krapfl

Engineering Awards – Dylan Defenbaugh and Ethan Ellsworth

English Literature Award – Heather Willmott

English Writing Award – Christian Jauron

English Performance Arts Award – Isabella DeVito

Yearbook Award – Miles Combs, Riley Davidson, Natasha Franzen, Morgan Minks, Josie Hastings, Trevor Valentine

World Language-German Award – Alison Brewer and Andreas Miller

World Language-French Award – Heather Willmott and Maggie Korkosh

World Language-Spanish Award – Jenny Messamaker and Christian Jauron

History Award – Bryce Wilbur

Social Studies Award – Liam Christensen

Business Education Award – Terrill Hagener

Art Student Award – Morgan Minks and Zachary Endrizal

Instrumental Music Award-Louis Armstrong Award – Caleb Nostrala

Instrumental Music Award-John Phillip Sousa Award – Grant Biddle

Orchestra Award – Maggie Korkosh

Iowa Choral Directors Outstanding Senior Award – Terrill Hagener

Vocal Department Award – Ben Richardson

Outstanding Side One Members – Terrill Hagener, Ben Richardson, Emily Rolands

Academic Decathalon – Jillian Norton

Silver Cord Recognition – Aidan Hunerdosse, 282 total hours of service

Silver Cord Recognition – Tom Krapfl, 254.5 total hours of service

Silver Cord Recognition – Nicholas Koenig, 181.5 total hours of service

Silver Cord Recipients – Abby King, Brooklyn Pottebaum, Isabella DeVito, Zach Chaplin, Andreas Miller, Emily Rolands, Kaitlyn Garner, Ashley Rockhold, Faith Evans, Madi Green, Bailey Blake, Grace Smith, Natasha Franzen, Ben Richardson, Heather Willmott, Nicholas Piper, Benjamin Parkins, Hope Hicks, Payton Belt, Brayden Beinhart, Ian Ackerson, Sophia Bell

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