Jaxson Bowlin takes his calf into the ring Saturday during the Warren County market beef show. While much of the Warren County Fair was postponed until next year, livestock exhibits were held through the end of the weekend.

Not only did Jaxson Bowlin claim the banner for grand champion market beef, it was with a steer born and raised on his family’s farm.

Bowlin, who lives near Prole and is a member of the Jackson Hilltoppers 4-H Club, also earned top honors for Warren County-produced steer at the Warren County Fair beef show on Saturday.

“Jaxson’s mom, Jamie, and I are really proud of how well he performed this year,” said his dad, Jeff. “It was pretty emotional — something we’ve been building for, the four or five years that we’ve been doing this.”

But the family’s work with cattle goes back much further. Jaxson’s late grandfather, Tom Bowlin, and step-grandfather, Frank Wheeler, were “big impacts” on how Jaxson and Jeff go about their operation.

“The biggest thing is the family tradition,” Jeff said. “It’s something our family has been doing for generations. I think the Bowlins have been at the Warren County Fair for 50-plus years.”

As for this year, Jaxson hit the show ring with “Krocker,” a Chianina steer so dubbed because his mother is “Betty.” The Chianina breed is one of the oldest in the world, named for the region of Italy where it originated.

Chianina are known as the tallest and heaviest cattle breed. When Krocker was born on Feb. 27, he weighed 82 lbs., even then “big boned and heavy muscled,” said Jeff. The day of the beef show, he tipped the scale at 1,440 lbs.

Jaxson, who will be a freshman this fall at Martensdale-St. Marys, has spent several hours a day caring for him. When baseball kept him busy, too, his 9-year-old brother, Dashall, pitched in with chores.

“It takes hours a day — six or seven hours a day, in and out of the barn all day long, even in the evening,” Jeff said. “Washing, feeding — it takes a lot of work.”

“I think I get responsibility out of it,” said Jaxson. “It teaches me how to care for things and have some pride in things.”

According to the judge, all of that effort showed. One of his comments that resonated with Jaxson and Jeff was, “You don’t just show up on show day and make a steer look good.”

But, according to the Bowlins, the same could be said for much of the competition.

“In my opinion, in today’s lineup in the final drive, there were some really good steers out there, and it wasn’t just one or two,” Jeff said. “Every breed was represented really well. Even the market heifers were represented really well because the market heifer ended up being third place overall, which is quite a feat.”


Market beef were on display Saturday during during the Warren County live show over the weekend. While much of the Warren County Fair was postponed until next year, livestock exhibits were held through the end of the weekend.

Jaxson said he likes contending for a banner against stiff competition.

“I like going up against better cattle. It gives me an experience to know what I need to do better to reach my goal,” he explained.

And the experiences aren’t over yet. Jaxson has been invited to show Krocker on Aug. 2 at the South Central Iowa Showdown in Chariton, a contest for grand champions. Then, in September, they’ll head to the Aksarben Stock Show, a large regional show in Nebraska.

Jeff noted that it was extra special to be able to show at the Warren County Fair, though.

With COVID-19 still spreading, the fair board had postponed most events until 2021, but still hosted 4-H and FFA shows without a public audience.

“We’re just really thankful we’re able to show this year,” Jeff said. “The 4-H kids have been hungry to do things. We’ve been working really hard. … Kudos to the fair board and everybody to get that done.”



Fair superintendents watch the action at the Warren County market beef show Saturday. While much of the Warren County Fair was postponed until next year, livestock exhibits were held through the end of the weekend.

Champion Black Angus Market Steer — Suzi Fredricks

Reserve Champion Black Angus Market Steer — Gaige Boyens

Warren County Produced Champion Black Angus Market Steer — Suzi Fredricks

Champion Charolais — Leia Graham

Reserve Champion Charolais — Suzi Fredricks

Warren County Produced Champion Charolais — Leia Graham

Champion Chianina — Jaxson Bowlin

Warren County Produced Champion Chianina — Jaxson Bowlin

Champion Hereford — Selia Becker

Reserve Champion Hereford — Aiden Pals

Warren County Produced Champion Hereford — Selia Becker

Champion Limousin  — Anna Jordan

Reserve Champion Limousin — Anna Jordan


4-Hers and their calves lined up in a staging area before entering the show ring during Saturday's market calf show. While much of the Warren County Fair was postponed until next year, livestock exhibits were held through the end of the weekend.

Warren County Produced Champion Limousin — Anna Jordan

Champion Maine-Anjou — Kamden Moffitt

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou — Jack Johnson

Champion Mini Hereford — Sloan Henson

Warren County Champion Mini Hereford — Sloan Henson

Champion Shorthorn — Katelyn Moffitt

Reserve Champion Shorthorn — Benjamin Moffitt

Warren County Produced Champion Shorthorn — Katelyn Moffitt

Champion Shorthorn Plus — Benjamin Moffitt

Champion Simmental — Jasmine Jensen

Reserve Champion Simmental — Nate Thompson

Warren County Produced Champion Simmental — Jasmine Jensen

Champion Crossbred Market Steer — Olyvia Miller

Reserve Champion Crossbred Market Steer — Jasmine Jensen

Warren County Produced Champion Crossbred Market Steer — Olyvia Miller

Champion Market Heifer — Alena Oberbroeckling

Reserve Champion Market Heifer — Leia Graham

Grand Champion Market Beef — Jaxson Bowlin

Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef — Kamden Moffitt

3rd Overall Market Beef — Alena Oberbroeckling

4th Overall Market Beef — Jack Johnson

5th Overall Market Beef — Benjamin Moffitt

Champion Warren County Produced — Jaxson Bowlin

Junior Showmanship, 4th, 5th, 6th grades — Katelyn Moffitt

Reserve Junior Showman 4th, 5th, 6th grades — Alena Oberbroeckling


Jamie Bowlin, judge Matt Janssen, Jaxson Bowlin, and brother Dash show off the awards that Bowlin earned during the market beef competition Saturday. While much of the Warren County Fair was postponed until next year, livestock exhibits were held through the end of the weekend.

Intermediate Showmanship, 7th, 8th, 9th grades — Lucas Johnson

Reserve Intermediate Showmanship, 7th, 8th, 9th grades — Suzi Fredricks

Senior Showmanship, 10th, 11th, 12th grades — Jack Johnson

Reserve Senior Showmanship, 10th, 11th, 12th grades — Benjamin Moffitt


4-H/FFA Champion bucket calf — Asher Henson

4-H/FFA Reserve champion bucket calf — Sloan Henson


Champion Jersey Female — Brianna Fantz

Champion showman — Brianna Fantz


Champion Angus Heifer — Suzi Fredricks

Champion Chianina Heifer — Darrack Clingman

Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer Preston Pettit

Champion Hereford Heifer — Crowin Cambron

Champion Polled Hereford Heifer — Selia Becker

Champion Polled Hereford Cow — Madison Olsasky

Champion Maintainer Heifer — Kamden Moffitt

Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer — Cooper Oberbroekling

Champion Mini Hereford Heifer — Brady Streeter         

Reserve Champion Mini Hereford Heifer — Hanna Bedwell

Champion Red Angus Heifer — Chandler Lowry

Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer — Slyvia Rainey

Champion Shorthorn Heifer — Benjamin Moffitt

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer — Isabell Olsasky

Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer — Nate Thompson

Champion Simmental Heifer — Darrack Clingman

Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer — Abigail Piekema

Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer — Abigail Piekema

Champion Commercial Heifer — Brook Piekeman

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer — Isabell Olsasky

Champion Commercial Cow — Tyler Marshall

Reserve Champion Commercial Cow — Sampson Henson

Supreme Breeding Heifer — Selia Becker

Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer — Darrack Clingman

Third overall — Kamden Moffitt

Fourth Overall — Suzi Fredricks

Fifth Overall — Darrack Clingman

Warren County Chandler Lowry

Showmanship, 4th, 5th, 6th grades — Champion Darrack Clingman; Reserve Dashall Bowlin

Showmanship, 7th, 8th, 9th grades — Champion Cooper Oberbroekling; Reserve Suzi Fredricks

Showmanship, 10th, 11th, 12th grades — Champion Ben Moffitt; Reserve Selia Becker

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