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Natalie Hining enjoy lunch at Hy-Vee Market Grill when she's not overseeing the construction of set pieces for Des Moines Metro Opera. Hining, a Simpson graduate, is enjoying being back in Indianola part of each year.

Where you are from: Ottumwa, Iowa

Opera you are working on: All

Role/Job: Technical Director

What kind of music do you listen when don’t listen to opera? I listen to almost any music. I love anything from classical to rap. The only genre that I never really got into was country, but I even have a couple of those songs that I enjoy.

What’s your favorite thing to do other than work? I am definitely a nerd outside of work, I enjoy video games and Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy crocheting.

What made you choose the stage as a career? I started doing theater in high school, as an actor, but wasn't planning on it being a career until college. I attended Simpson College, originally as a Psychology major, but ended up switching before the end of my first year. I fell in love with the program and the professors here at Simpson. They helped foster my passion for the stage. It has always been the people that I have met in the industry that have kept me on this career path. The hours are long, the work is tough, but the people that I have worked with have always made it worth while.

What do you like best about Indianola? What I like best about Indianola are its people. Wherever you go, people are welcoming to those in the Opera company. Especially the local restaurants. They are always very welcoming and accommodating to our often large groups going out on break to get a bite to eat.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. I have been to several countries in Europe but have never had the chance to stop there. I think the landscape and the ocean are beautiful there, and I would love to see it in person.

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