Andrea (Andy)  Horton, Des Moines Metro Opera,  Patron Services Intern

Andrea (Andy) Horton, Des Moines Metro Opera, Patron Services Intern

Where you are from: Houston, TX

Opera you are working on: I sell tickets to all of them, does that count?

Role/Job: Patron Services Intern, So I work in the newly renovated Lauridsen Opera Center selling tickets, answering phones, organizing, cleaning, etc! I am also the “Popcorn Goddess” so I sell popcorn during the intermissions!

What kind of music do you listen to when you don’t listen to opera? I have a friend that’s started producing her own music and it's what I’ve been listening to all summer. Her name is Deza. She calls it “poetic pop".

What’s your favorite thing to do other than work? I love to cook for my friends. I always cook for way more than myself, so it’s nice to have loved ones to share it with. When we sit down for dinner, I make everyone go around the table and say one or two things they’re grateful for that day. It's a fun way to check in and start conversations.

What made you decide to work on the stage? Both of my parents are choir directors, so I grew up singing. When I got to college, I wanted to be a choir director too, until I auditioned for the opera program at school and got cast in a scenes program and the chorus for the main-stage show. I was hooked after that.

I just finished my master’s degree in vocal performance. During my master’s I learned about all the other sides to making opera happen besides singing — I made props, directed scenes, stage managed shows, produced shows, and worked in administration for a local opera company. I’m a singer through and through. I still sing, take auditions, and I have some gigs lined up in the spring. But I just love the art form and all the strange, fun people it takes to put it together.

What’s your favorite kind of production to work on? Does anything count? I’ve enjoyed sitting in on the technical rehearsals because it’s the first steps of a production really coming together. Everybody has to adjust to what the production will be in reality, no more miming props or imagining the set. The show really comes to life, and it’s an exciting (though sometimes tedious) process.

What do you like best about Indianola? I had never been to Iowa before I showed up for the summer. I expected it to be boring, flat farmland. While it is still farmland, it’s really beautiful. There have been several times, after getting off work, I’ll drive out a bit and watch the sunset. That’s been my favorite part so far. Casey’s Pizza is a delicacy I never knew I needed, Outside Scoop is a treasure, and I love how many municipal parks there are in and around Simpson’s campus. I really like Indianola!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? I’ve always wanted to go to Germany. I speak some german, and I’d love to sing over there if given the chance. But more immediately, I really want to see all 50 states.

I made a last-minute decision to take a solo road trip from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Indianola. I went through Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and finally Iowa. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, and I got to see parts of the country I had never seen before, or hadn’t visited since childhood.

I’ve started to plan a road-trip for the way back, to get as many states as possible between Indianola and Houston. It's my new goal to see all the states within the next few years

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